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Puppy & Kitten Pack

Giving the newest member of your family the Best Start

  •  Vaccinations

Includes both your pets First and Second Vaccinations. 4 weeks apart for your puppy and 3 to 4 weeks apart for your new kitten.

  • 6 Months Flea and tick treatment

keep your pet flea and tick free for their first 6 months.

  • 6 Months worm prevention

  • 10% off Neutering

  • Free Microchipping and a Free Toy

Peace of mind:

  • No joining fee

  • Knowing that we have helped you to give your new Pet the best start in life

  • Move onto our Health Plan and continue to help us give your pet the best Health Care into their adult life. 


Puppy and Kitten Pack Price


How do I Purchase my Pack

In the practice:

Speak to a member of the team when you visit.

Over the phone:


01642 587 777

Preston Farm:

01642 604 555


01642 309 696

Please remember... to have details of your pet,
your contact details and your bank account information at hand.

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