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Pet Cremation Service 

Jacqui Paterson's has had a long serving partnership with PCS (Pet Cremation Service). For the last 40 years, they have built up an excellent reputation for providing pets with the best farewell, whilst at the same time giving the owner total peace of mind.


Shared Values 

Both PCS and Jacqui Paterson's are committed to ensuring that all pets, and their owners, are treated with dignity, care and professionalism. 


Saying Goodbye...

The bond that is formed between a pet and it's owner is strong and lasting. Both JPVets and PCS understand the pain and sense of grief that the loss of a pet brings. It may give you comfort to know that we are here to give your beloved pet the dignified farewell they deserve. 

The information we provide has been developed to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision at this sad time. 


Creating Memories

PCS offer a range of Pet Tributes and products to help families keep precious memories of their loved one safe.


Our Guarantee

Both PCS and JPVets promise that your beloved pet will be treated with the dignity and respect that you would expect - and that they deserve.


To find out more about PCS products and services, you can visit their website at

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