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Clients, please be aware that prescription-only medications (POM-Vs) can only be prescribed to patients under the care of a Veterinary Surgeon. 

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons requires that each animal receiving prescription-only medication be examined regularly by a Veterinary Surgeon.


It is our practice policy to examine patients every 3-6 months for repeat prescriptions, in line with RCVS guidance. This will vary in individual circumstances.


The cost of your initial examination will be £50.00*.

All clients have the right to request the price of any medication prescribed before purchase. 

Clients can request a prescription and obtain these medicines from another Veterinary Practice or Pharmacy. 

Prescriptions are chargeable at £25.00*, and the number of times this can be repeated is at the discretion of the Veterinary Surgeon handling the case.


Please note that a prescription may not be appropriate if your animal is an inpatient or if immediate treatment is necessary.

Current prices for our top 10 medications are: 

  • Bravecto Chew Medium Dog: £45.78*

  • Milbemax Chew 125mg Dog: £13.45*

  • Bravecto Chew Small Dog: £42.30*

  • Bravecto Plus Medium Cat: £44.63*

  • Bravecto Chew Large Dog: £49.15*

  • Synulox 250mg Tablets: £33.28* for 10 Tablets

  • Synulox 500mg Tablets: £55.48* for 10 Tablets

  • Librela 20mg Injection: £87.51*

  • Convenia Injection: £88.80*

  • Surolan 15ml Ear Drops: £42.30*

*prices current as of 22nd March 2023

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