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Our Prices

*Prices current as of January 2023

Vet Primary Consult (15 mins)
Vet Follow-Up Consult
Vet Small Furry Consult
Vet Small Furry Follow-up
Exotic Consult (30 mins)
Nurse Consult (15 mins)
Emergency (30 mins)
Insurance Admin

*During your visit to the practice, we might suggest additional services, vaccines,
and medications (extra charges will apply). 
*All of our emergency appointments are given immediate priority subject to caller triage. 30-minute appointment
*Clients will only pay the primary consult fee if they are new to the practice or have not been seen in the last 6 months. 

Primary Vaccinations Cat
Booster Cat
Primary Vaccinations Dog
Booster Dog
Kennel Cough Vaccine
Kennel Cough (with other vaccines)
Mxyo RHD Plus (Rabbit)
Rabies Vaccination

*Vaccinations are administered during a surgery appointment,
which also encompasses a veterinary consultation and a physical assessment of your pet.

Routine Dog Procedures
Dog Castrate from
Dog Spays from
Dog Dentals from
Puppy Pack

* Price variance subject to weight and/or individual treatment needed

Routine Cat Procedures
Cat Castrate
Cat Spay
Cat Dentals from
Kitten Pack

* Price variance subject to  individual treatment needed

Small Furry Procedures
Ferret Spay
Ferret Vasectomy
Guinea Pig Castrate
Guinea Pig Spay
Mice/Rats/Other Castrate
Mice/Rats/Other Spay
Rabbit Castrate
Rabbit Spay
Rabbit Teeth Clip
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