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Preventative healthcare for your pet

Health Plan

Benefits included in your
Health Plan:

Your Health Plan membership provides a comprehensive and cost-effective way to give your pet everything they need to stay healthy:

  •  Annual Vaccinations

using the best and most effective vaccines, covering:

Dogs: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis in dogs
Cats: Feline Leukaemia, ‘flu, enteritis and Herpes
Rabbits: Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease

(Please note, this does not include Re-Start Vaccinations where boosters have lapsed)


  • Health examinations with your Vet

twice a year at the time of vaccination and 6 months later

  • Flea and tick treatment

keep your pet flea and tick free throughout the year.
 Conveniently Delivered to your door!*  

  • Quarterly worm prevention

 Conveniently Delivered to your door!*  

  • Anal gland expression

with our veterinary nurses

  • 20% off microchipping

to help reunite you with your pet if they are lost

  • 15% off all dental products

and care (including scale & polish, with extractions
where necessary)

  • 10% off all products or medications

purchased through Jacqui Patersons

  • 15% off routine neutering

  • 10% off additional vet consultations

throughout the year

  • Free nail clips

with our veterinary nurses

  • No Admin Insurance Claim

normal cost is £20

Peace of mind:

  • No joining fee

  • No Annual renewal fee

  • Convenient payment by monthly direct debit


       Plan Name



Large Dog (25-56kg)

Medium Dog (10 - 25kg)


Small Dog (0 - 10kg


       Monthly Price







*Flea and worm treatment delivery service included in every cat and dog plan:

Our VetsDeliver service is a convenient way for your cat or dog’s flea and worm treatment to be delivered straight to your door every 3 months.


How do I join?

It only takes a few minutes to join the plan:

Join online:

Join in the practice:

Speak to a member of the team when you visit.

Join over the phone:


01642 587 777

Preston Farm:

01642 604 555


01642 309 696

Please remember... to have details of your pet,
your contact details and your bank account information at hand.

*All plans are subject to a 10-day cooling-off period from signup. This allows our administrators time to set up your pawsome benefits.


Your benefits will start as soon as your first direct debit is collected.

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