In collaboration with Vets Deliver Jacqui Paterson’s is offering a simple flea and wormer subscription plan, delivering your yearly supply of parasite treatment – directly to your door!

In these challenging times it can be hard keeping up with your pets’ protective treatments. Remembering when the next doses are due…getting to the vets to pick them up…making sure your pets takes the their treatment on time…

Make this a thing of the past and sign up to Vets Deliver today.

Our Prices –

  • Dogs 2kg – 20kg (£12 per month)
  • Dogs 20kg – 56kg (£16 per month)
  • Cats all sizes – (£10 per month)

All prices include either a free booster vaccination and a health check or a free health check alone *necessary to maintain subscription.

Please fill in this downloadable form or register your interest by providing your details below and a member of our team will be in touch. Please note that all completed forms must be returned to your practice of choice where the first payment will be taken and your first treatment pack will be provided. All subsequent payments will be taken via a monthly direct debit.

    Plan Request
    Dog 2kg - 20kg (£12 per month)Dog 20kg - 56kg (£16 per month)Cats all sizes (£10)