Is your precious pet protected against disease? Don’t leave them vulnerable – keep them vaccinated.

Vaccinating your pet is very important, just as you guard yourself against diseases with vaccinations, it is vital to make sure that your companion is fully protected against diseases as well. Your pet can be susceptible to a variety of diseases which can cause a lot of suffering and in some cases can prove to be fatal. Here at Jacqui Paterson’s we offer vaccinations and boosters to our clients in Stockton for animals of any age which means it’s never too late to protect your pet.


The benefits that come with vaccinating your pet are numerous and allows you peace of mind knowing that your pet is protected. Young pets will usually need two sets of initial vaccinations a couple of week apart, this will be within the first few months of their lives to ensure that they are fully protected from harm as early in to their life as possible whilst their natural immune system is still developing.

A puppy’s vaccination will protect them from distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and leptospirosis and a kitten will be inoculated against feline flue, enteritis, herpes and leukaemia. If you have a new rabbit we will vaccinate then against myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD). As a team of animal lovers, we understand that your pet’s health and safety is of the upmost importance which is why vaccinating your companion should be high on your list of priorities.

As well as vaccinating your pet at the beginning of their life it is important that your pet receives booster vaccinations every year to ensure your pet’s immunity to these diseases remains high. If you don’t bring your pet in for their annual booster you could be leaving your four-legged friend vulnerable to diseases.

It is never too late to vaccinate an animal so if your pet hasn’t had any vaccinations before, don’t worry as pets can start a programme of vaccinations at any time in their lives, it’s never too late to protect your pet. If you have adopted your pet and you are unsure about their medical history please book an appointment with us and we will be more than happy to carry out a full assessment and administer any of the necessary vaccinations if required.

If you are looking to get your pet vaccinated or if you want to book in for your pet’s annual booster make sure you give us a call to book an appointment at either of our Stockton based surgeries. For our Preston Farm surgery call 01642 604555 and for our Hartburn surgery give us a call on 01642 587 777.

We offer these services throughout the area including Middlesbrough, Yarm and Guisborough.