Flea, Worm & Tick Treatment Guisborough



Here at Jacqui Paterson’s we offer a reliable and professional flea, worm and tick treatment service to our clients throughout Guisborough and the surrounding areas. It is essential to ensure that your pet is kept safe from the serious discomfort that can be caused when a parasite takes up residency on them – they can not only put your pet in danger, but they can also cause concern for you and your family, due to the serious diseases that can be contracted from these parasites.



Even the healthiest looking animals can carry worms, so it is important to worm your pets regularly. Many pets will even show no signs of having worms at all, which is why preventative treatment is the best course of action when it comes to treating worms. Unlike other parasites, such as fleas, who live on your pet’s skin, worms will live inside your pet’s digestive system. Puppies and kittens can often show signs of worms with a distended abdomen, also known as a “pot belly”, which can be a sign that your young pet is infected, and it is very important that this is treated as soon as possible to minimise any harm.

Worms can have many effects on your pet, including losing weight, developing eating problems and having diarrhea.

RSPCA’S Useful Tips for Preventing Worms

  • Disinfect food and water bowls regularly
  • Clean up after your pet and dispose of faeces carefully
  • Ensure your house is regularly cleaned and disinfected – but only use an animal-safe disinfectant
  • Pregnant animals should only be wormed under the supervision of a vet



Fleas can be a problem even in the most spotless of homes or on the cleanest of pets. Fleas are generally attracted to warm places that is close to their food source, which makes your pet’s fur and your home a very desirable place to take up residence. A flea will feed on your pet’s blood, however when a flea bites your pet and pierces the skin, they can transmit a variety of diseases.

How to Know if Your Pet Might Have Fleas

  • Is your pet scratching?
  • Areas of hair loss or sore patches?
  • Redness and irritation?
  • Thickened skin in areas



Ticks have started to pose more of a problem for pets in recent years. Ticks have become a lot more widespread due to them being carried into domestic gardens via other animals. Ticks attach to your pet by inserting their mouthparts into your dog’s skin. Many ticks also produce a sticky, glue like substance that helps them to remain attached. After attaching to your dog, ticks begin feeding.

A tick can carry with it a variety of diseases, including Lyme disease, which is an extremely serious bacterial infection. When it comes to ticks, the best method of treatment is prevention, which is why we offer a reliable tick prevention treatment to our Guisborough based clients.

If you’re looking for an effective flea prevention service, wormer or tick treatment service in Guisborough and the surrounding areas, then make sure you get in touch with the team here at Jacqui Paterson’s. We offer flea and tick prevention services for dogs, cats, rabbits and a variety of other species, to ensure that your pet is as fit and healthy as can be. We understand just how important it is to have an effective parasite treatment plan in place for your pet, so for more information about our treatment or to book an appointment, make sure to give our Guisborough surgery a call on 01642 309696.