Defend your pet against the discomfort and health risks posed by fleas, worms and ticks.

When a parasite ends up taking up home on your pet it can not only cause serious discomfort to your four legged friend but they can also end up putting your pet and your family in danger of contracting some serious diseases. Here at Jacqui Paterson’s we offer effective treatment for fleas, ticks and worms for our patients throughout Stockton and the surrounding areas.

Cat and dog

Fleas thrive in warm places and feed on blood which makes your pet’s fur an extremely desirable place to live. When a flea bites through your pet’s skin they can end up transmitting a variety of nasty diseases which is why an effective flea treatment is a must have for any pet owner. As well as diseases, fleas can also carry certain types of worms which they can pass over to your pet as well.

Unlike the flea, worms live inside your pet’s digestive systems which can result in weight loss, eating problems and diarrhoea. When it comes to treating both fleas and worms prevention is the best course of action. We offer a regular flea and worming treatment service from both of our Stockton based practices giving you peace of mind that your pet is safe from parasites.

Ticks are posing more and more of a risk and are becoming increasingly more common. Originally a pet could usually only pick up a tick from areas where sheep grazed, however they have quickly become widely distributed through domestic gardens by hedgehogs. A tick isn’t directly transferred from a hedgehog but rather the undergrowth where the hedgehog has been roaming.

Ticks can carry many diseases including Lyme disease which is a very serious bacterial infection. As with fleas and worms the best treatment for ticks is prevention and we have tick treatment available here at Jacqui Paterson’s to ensure your dog’s safety from diseases that can be carried by ticks.

If you are looking for flea treatment, wormer or tick prevention treatment for your pet, whether it is for dogs, cats, rabbits and a range of other species make sure you get in touch with us here at Jacqui Paterson’s in Stockton. This treatment will provide your pet with protection for up to 3 months to give you full peace of mind. For more information on our parasite treatment and prevention give us a call either to our Hartburn surgery on 01642 587 777 or our Preston Farm surgery on 01642 604 555.

We offer these services throughout the area including Middlesbrough, Yarm and Guisborough.