Exotic Vets Yarm

With many years of dedicating ourselves to the care and wellbeing of exotic animals we are the first choice of exotic vets within Yarm and the surrounding areas. Our extensive knowledge base regarding exotic animals is second to none and we ensure that the highest standard of care is provided at all times.

During the time of a 5 yearlong veterinary degree, the focus is put on to dogs and cats and a very short amount of time is spent looking at other animals. This means that whilst every vet has a comprehensive knowledge of dogs and cats, very few have the knowledge of exotic animals. Jacqui Paterson’s team have researched and trained in these specialist areas, meaning that you have come to the right place for all your exotic animal care requirements.

All of our vets have a passion for all pets however some of them have gained more knowledge and insight in to particular exotics. Jacqui has a keen interest in reptiles, birds, wildlife and exotic mammals, for example, sugar gliders, racoons and lemurs. Dominika and Renata are the experts when it comes to small furries, particularly rabbits and guinea pigs and our other vet Rachael looks after all exotics whether they are feathered, furry or scaly, large or small. Whatever exotic pet you require medical attention for you can be rest assured that you will be receiving the very best service and care available from vets who have experience, knowledge and a true interest in your exotic pet.

We have heavily invested in purpose built facilities and equipment to ensure your exotic pet is receiving the very best possible care available. We welcome a wide variety of exotics in to our surgery, all of which will receive the level of care and attention they deserve whether they are a snake, a parrot, a racoon, a tortoise or anything in between.

For a high standard of care and medical expertise in Yarm for your exotic animal get in touch with us to make an appointment at our Preston Farm surgery by calling 01642 604 555.