Exotic Vets Guisborough

Here at Jacqui Paterson’s our Nunthorpe surgery is in the ideal location for our exotic patients based in Guisborough. When it comes to all animal care, not just for exotics, it is important that you seek the best veterinary attention available to ensure the highest level of care which is why we extend our services to our clientele who live in Guisborough.

When it comes to exotic animal care it is important that you seek the help of an expert, unfortunately, not all vets have the knowledge to be able to provide a good level of medical care as they don’t have the required training. During the time of a 5 year veterinary degree a mere two weeks is spent focusing on species other than cats and dogs. The team here at Jacqui Patersons have spent many years researching and training in exotic care to extend their knowledge and to allow them to provide the very best veterinary care and attention available in Guisborough and the surrounding areas.

We fully believe that every animal deserves the very best in medical care and this applies to all exotic animals. We would hate to think you were having to make do with a vet that has very basic knowledge in exotic animals, which is why we provide such a high level of care to exotics, and the reason we have dedicated our time to gain an in-depth knowledge of your lesser known types of pets. This way we can ensure they receive the same level of care and attention that your standard domesticated animals receive.

Our team of vets have a passion and a dedication to exotic animals and ensure that the very best care and advice is provided at all times, if you have a reptile, bird, a wild animal or an exotic mammal such a as a lemur or racoon then Jacqui is the vet you need to speak to, for small furries such as guinea pigs and rabbits Dominika and Renata are the experts and for all types of exotics no matter their size, shape or type Rachael can offer a high standard of care and veterinary attention.

If you are looking for a team of dedicated, friendly and extremely knowledgeable exotic vets in Guisborough then make sure you look no further than us here at Jacqui Patersons. Give us a call on 01642 309696 to make an appointment.