Dog Weight Management Stockton

If you are concerned with the weight of your dog and feel like you need some professional help and advice, then bringing them along to one of our dog weight management clinics in Stockton may be the perfect way to ease your mind.

Both significant weight gain and weight loss can be a cause for concern and may require being checked by an expert as this can lead to alarming health problems for a cat. Coming along to one of our dog weight management sessions will leave you with expert knowledge and advice to help you to ensure that you are looking after your dog the best way that you can. Applying the knowledge that you receive will make sure that your dog can live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life for as long as possible.

A significant amount of weight gain can put your dog at risk of developing health issues like heart disease and diabetes. Being underweight can lead to your dog having a weakened immune system which will leave them exposed to various health problems.

If you are worried that you dog is either overweight or underweight we would recommend that you bring them in to see us here at Jacqui Paterson’s to ensure that they can get on the road to a healthy weight as soon as possible.

If you wish to check your pet at home before bringing them into a dog weight management clinic, then it is simple to do so. You must carry out this check whilst looking down on your dog from above. You should be able to see their waistline and their stomach should be tucked away, however you must not be able to see any of their ribs.

If you have carried out this check on your dog and have become concerned about their weight then please get in contact to arrange an appointment for a dog weight management session in Stockton. In these clinics you will receive help, knowledge and advice from a highly qualified team who are passionate about the health of animals. The team member that you see may also suggest a plan for your dog which will get them back on track to a healthy weight for their age and breed.

To book an appointment for a weight check for your dog please call 01642 604555.