Diet and Weight Yarm

Over the last few years, it is not just human obesity rates that have been on the increase but also pet obesity. Unfortunately, this can pose a lot of health risks to animals just the same as it can for human beings. Here at our surgery, we provide weight management services to our clients within the Yarm area to help you manage and take care of your pet’s weight. Each pet has an ideal weight for their age and breed and achieving this weight will help them to live a healthier life which is why it is so important that owners receive the right information to help their pet achieve this weight.

Allowing your pet to indulge in treats helps to build a bond with them and, as important as this is, it is critical not to let your pet over-eat as this can lead to weight gain and other problems further down the line. Overweight pets are more at risk of serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, various forms of cancer as well as arthritis.

Underweight pets can also suffer from health problems and can be just as unhealthy as creatures animals that carry too much weight. Being underweight can weaken an animal’s immune system making them likely to become ill as their body cannot fight off disease as well. If your pet is struggling to gain weight, this could actually be a sign of a more serious underlying illness but, to make sure this is not the case, it is advised that you bring in your pet for regular weight check-ups, so any potential issues can be ruled out.

It is possible to do an at-home weight check up by simply examining your pet from above: if their ribs can easily be felt and you can see their waist outline, then this is a good sign. Their stomach should be tucked up out of view, when looking side-on but at the same time, their ribs should not stand out enormously. If you are unsure about this self-assessment, we would be happy to give you a second opinion. You can arrange this by simply getting in touch and booking an appointment for a weight assessment.

If you decide to come and see us about your pet’s weight and for a check-up, we will offer some advice and ideas to help your pet to attain a healthy weight that will benefit their overall wellbeing. When you come in, we will review your animal’s diet and lifestyle and recommend any changes that could be implemented to give your companion the best chance of being their healthiest self and reaching their goal weight.

If you wish to attend one of our pet weight clinics, please do not hesitate and book an appointment with us and we would happy to see your pet. We are proud that our surgery is filled with experienced nurses that would be delighted to offer guidance about your pet’s weight and offer instruction on how to help your pet achieve their ideal weight with little hassle. We supply a selection of pet food that is specially formulated to help manage your pet’s nutrition, so they can either gain or lose weight and be as healthy as can be.

If you are based in Yarm and would like to make an appointment for one of our cat or dog weight management clinics give us a call on 01642 604555.