Diet and Weight Guisborough

There is growing concern and understanding around the affects of obesity in people and the potential risks it can pose but what you may not know is that obesity in pets can create very similar problems. We offer pet owners across Guisborough weight management services and advice for their pets. We love animals, no matter what shape or size they take but we prefer that they are the right size to maintain a long and healthy life. Whatever the animal, age, and breed we can work with you to help manage your pet’s weight and avoid unnecessary health complications which come from poor food and exercise habits.

We all love our pets and it can be extremely tempting to continually give them treats, a temptation many of us give into. Unfortunately, this is not always in the best interest of our pets. When you feed your pets treats excessively they can eventually become obese putting them at risk of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and even some forms of cancer.

The other end of poor weight management produces underweight animals which comes with its own possible complications. Notably underweight pets can have weaker immune systems leaving them more susceptible to contracting diseases. It is particularly important to bring your pets in for a check-up if they are underweight as it could be a symptom of an underlying illness. A check up will allow us to rule out any illness or provide a diagnosis and look at treatment where necessary.

If you feel like your pet may not be an ideal weight or would simply like a second opinion for reassurance you can book a weight assessment with us. Here we can offer help and advice to bring your pet’s weight to a healthy point. We can discuss food and lifestyle options too to further help you in getting your pet to a healthy weight and help them maintain it once they reach the desired goal.

If you live in Guisborough or the surrounding area and would like to visit one of our pet weight clinics, please call us on 01642 309696 and book an appointment. One of our experienced veterinary staff will be able to offer you insights and easy to implement tips and strategies to bring your pet’s weight to where it should be in a reasonable time frame. At our surgery you will also be able to find specially formulated pet foods which can help further with your pet’s weight management.

For more information or advice about our Guisborough cat, dog or pet weight management services please call us on 01642 309696.