As humans we brush our teeth twice a day as well as going to the dentist for regular dental checks but did you know that our pets should be getting regular dental checks too? Here at Jacqui Paterson’s in Stockton we offer dental checks for your pet on a six month basis to ensure your pet’s teeth are strong and healthy.


Although you may brush your companion’s pearly whites regularly or give them food and treats that have been designed to help their dental health, it doesn’t mean that dental problems can’t still develop. It is recommended that your pet receives a thorough dental check up every 6 months. During the appointment we will thoroughly assess your pet’s teeth, gums and mouth to check for any signs of problems. By bringing your pet for regular checks it means that any issues can be picked up and dealt with quickly to prevent any long-lasting problems.

Tartar build up can occur when bacteria is not cleaned away regularly so therefore clings to the teeth which, if not treated, can lead to further problems. If tartar build up is not dealt with it can lead to problems such as gum disease which can cause bleeding gums, oral pain and bad breath. If the issue still goes untreated bacteria can be released in to the blood stream via the gums causing serious problems such as kidney damage. Thankfully this can be prevented if it is caught early on which is why a regular dental check is very important so make sure you book an appointment with us to ensure your pet’s teeth and gums aren’t at risk.

We offer a scale and polish treatment for your pet if required which is a relatively quick procedure to ensure that your four legged friend’s dental health is in tip top condition. A general anaesthetic will be used to reduce your pet’s anxiety and stress and we will clean the teeth using specialist equipment whilst also examining every individual tooth to check for any signs and damage and to assess whether any further treatment needs to be carried out.

After the procedure, and once the effects of the anaesthetic have worn off, your pet will be able to return home with you and although they will be slightly groggy to begin with they will soon be back to their normal self. After the procedure we will discuss post-operative care for your pet including any food recommendations for after the procedure and any short term pain relief that may be required.

The benefits of regular pet dental checks are substantial especially when compared to potential health risks that can occur due to poor dental hygiene. If you would like to book your pet in to one of our Stockton practices for a dental health check please don’t hesitate to give us a call. To make an appointment at our Preston Farm surgery give us a call on 013642 604 555 or our Hartburn surgery on 01642 587 777.

We offer these services throughout the area including Middlesbrough, Yarm and Guisborough.