Dental Health Yarm

Pets need just as much care as us humans, especially when it comes to dental health. Your pet may spend hours a day cleaning themselves and chewing on anything they can get their teeth in to, which is why it is vital that they get regular dental check-ups. Here at Jacqui Paterson’s we give your pets a full dental check-up every six months to check their oral health is what it should be.

There are many things that you, as the owner, can do to help keep your pets teeth stay as strong as possible. Brushing your pets teeth is the best way of avoiding dental health issues or giving them a specially designed treat to support good tooth and gum health can also be beneficial. Nevertheless, this alone is sometimes not enough to make sure their teeth are in tip-top condition. We suggest bringing your pet in to our surgery for regular check-ups every six months. Here, we will check the condition of their gums, teeth and overall oral health and are happy to treat any issues that they may have. This will allow problems to be addressed as soon as possible so your pet can get back to enjoying chewing all their favourite things again.

At our surgery, we offer various dental treatments for pets including scale and polish treatments.  General anaesthesia is needed for this procedure, however our skilled team will do everything possible to make this as risk free as possible. Our vets will then carry out a comprehensive assessment of your pet’s dental health, clean the teeth and decide if any other treatment is necessary. Once recovered, your pet is safe to return home.

Some animals may experience some mild drowsiness as the anaesthetic wears off, this is entirely normal and should last no longer than 24 hours. A member of our nursing team will explain the details of the treatment that has been carried out and discuss the post dental treatment plan with you.

Common dental problems that pets can suffer from include plaque build-up. If plaque is not removed it can form a hard substance on the teeth which is called tartar. Plaque and tartar can cause damage to the gums and teeth, causing bleeding, mouth odour and pain. If the gums become damaged, bacteria can be released into the blood stream which can cause serious health problems. If your pet experiences this, it is essential that they have treatment as soon as possible. These issues are preventable if the teeth are kept clean and regular dental check-ups are carried out.

With good dental hygiene and frequent dental check-ups potential problems can be addressed in the right way and issues can be avoided. If you wish to book in for a dental check at our surgery then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01642 60455