Data Handling


Jacqui Paterson’s Veterinary Surgery adheres closely to The Data Protection Act 1998.


Please be reassured that all for your personal data will be kept secure and never shared with a third party without your express permission, this includes data transferred from one veterinary practice to another or to another animal organisation (e.g. behaviourist or hydro therapist), we will always contact you before sharing any of you or your pet’s records. This includes diagnostic results such as laboratory findings or x-ray images.


All clinical records, including radiographic images and similar documents relating your pet are the property of Jacqui Paterson’s Veterinary Surgery, however you as our client are entitled to have access to any and all of the records we hold regarding you and your animal. If you require copies of any clinical notes, test results or digital x-ray images please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.


In the case of insurance claim handling we will forward the relevant notes and copies of any invoices to your insurance company on your behalf, you are not required to keep a copy of all of the payments you have made but you may wish to do so for your own records.