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Animal Acupuncture

      Did you know Jacqui Patersons offers animal acupuncture?  Vet Renata Szwej at our Hartburn branch has been practicing acupuncture for over a decade! Renata first became interested in this alternative treatment after seeing so many patients in chronic pain with conditions such as arthritis and wanted to be able to off an […]

Interest Free Credit

      We now have the facility to offer interest free credit to our clients for veterinary treatment!  We believe that veterinary treatment should be avaliable to as many people as possible, thats why we have teamed up with Snowbird finance to be able to offer interest free veterinary treatment to our clients for […]

Healing Paws Zante

    Sue Discovers a Fantastic Charity in Zante Our receptionist Sue Little visited the Greek island of Zante this year for her holidays. Although it is her favourite island she is well aware of the stray dog and cat problem. On her last day whilst waiting for a taxi to the airport, a large […]

Live Food Care

      Live food is generally transported in plastic tubs or sacks which are certainly not suitable for long term housing. We aim to offer some practical advice on the correct care of a variety of commonly used live food and also the correct methods of gut-loading. Gut-loading is the process of providing adequate […]

Metabolic Bone Disease

      Metabolic Bone Disease Reptiles that mainly eat insects or plants are most at risk of developing metabolic bone disease or MBD, which is  an imbalance in levels of calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D in their system. Snakes and other carnivorous reptiles that eat whole prey such as mice or rats generally get […]

Data Handling and GDPR

Jacqui Paterson’s Veterinary Surgery adheres closely to The Data Protection Act 1998.   Please be reassured that all for your personal data will be kept secure and never shared with a third party without your express permission, this includes data transferred from one veterinary practice to another or to another animal organisation (e.g. behaviourist or […]