Animal acupuncture

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January 16, 2020

Did you know Jacqui Patersons offers animal acupuncture? 

Vet Renata Szwej at our Hartburn branch has been practicing acupuncture for over a decade!

Renata first became interested in this alternative treatment after seeing so many patients in chronic pain with conditions such as arthritis and wanted to be able to off an alternati

ve to medication for her patients and their owners.

Renata says: ‘Any patient can receive acupuncture treatment. According to sta

tistics less than 50% of human patients will benefit but in my experience anim

als respond better, I would say around 70% have a good response’

Renata mainly treats patients with chronic pain issues such as arthritis but spinal problems and muscle strains can also respond well to this therapy. Acupuncture helps manage the condition and means many patients can reduce their pain medication significantly.

Patients who have undergone an orthopaedic procedure may benefit from acupunctu

re post operatively to help increase healing and lessen pain.

Renata has also seen good results in some patients with skin conditions!

But what is acupuncture?. Acupuncture is an ancient practice of gently inserting special needles in to the surface of the skin at specific points around the patients body, along what are considered to be the energy or Meridian lines.

Many species can be treated using acupuncture but Renata reports that dogs, rabbits and some cats seem to tolerate the treatment the best.

What can I expect if I want to bring my pet for acupuncture? 

-Renata will firstly make certain that your pet is suitable for the acupuncture treatment. She will the explain what acupuncture is, and how she will carry out the therapy on your pet.

Does my animal need an anaesthetic for this procedure?

-No. The needles Renata uses are extremely fine and are only inserted in to the very surface layer of your pets skin and are tolerated well by most patients.

How many treatments will my pet need?

-Your pet will need a follow up treatment one week after the initial treatment and then treatment length varies from patient to patient. Renata recommends treatments every 4-6 weeks after your first two visits. Therapy can be carried on for as long as is necessary.

Will there be any after effects for my pet?

-No. There are no side effects after the treatment.

How long will it take for me to see signs that the treatment is working?

-You may start to see signs of improvement with as little as a week!

How much does the acupuncture treatment cost? 

-Your first consultation which includes a detailed chat with Renata about your pets needs is £47.40 and follow up visits are £25.20

To book an acupuncture appointment with Renata at our Hartburn surgery call 01642 587777 or any of our branches to book.

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